jay cooke in the fall

Fall Colors/Leaf Looking

Fall isn’t an ending — it’s the beginning of a magical time of year filled with lazy days. A time drenched in sunshine or cloaked in the cool mystique of a soft mist.

It’s also the most colorful time of year.

A rich tapestry of golds and greens, reds and russets blanket our mixed-wood forest, inviting you to retreat and relax. Vistas of aspens, maples and evergreens nestle snugly against the rolling landscape, waiting to be discovered.

Discover the pleasure and splendor of a northern autumn.

Jay Cooke State Park

500 E. Hwy 210

Carlton, MN


Take a leisurely drive along the park’s winding, 2-lane road and catch some of the region’s most scenic colors. Or hike and bike along the park’s 50 miles of trails to immerse yourself in the season. City of Cloquet Hiking on unmarked trails along the banks of the St. Louis River right in the Cloquet city limits. Pine Valley Park 6K of hiking on scenic wooded trails, located on the southern edge of the Cloquet city limits.